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BAM! (aka Bacon Jam) inspired by Skillet

BAM! Yup. Bacon jam. Allow us to explain. Once upon a time in a land called Seattle there was a diner dubbed Skillet that was—actually, still is—known throughout the land for burgers slathered with a… Continue reading

Pancetta Wrapped Dates with Manchengo

  Sweet, salty, happy finger food.  Need I say more?  After years of ‘dinner and wine” (mostly wine) nights at neighborhood favorite Tapeo, I figured it was time to attempt my favorite appetizer… Continue reading

Swedish Meatballs with Gravy

Blame it on my beloved (and large) group of Swedish friends, but no party or holiday is complete without Swedish Meatballs.  Oddly fun to make and pleasing to diners of all ages, these… Continue reading

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