Mousse au Chocolat: From France, with Love

There is nothing that makes me happier than large cat-eye sunglasses, mousse au chocolat, a glass of bordeaux and a cigarette (sorry, but it is the truth in this situation) while sitting outdoors at a Parisian cafe.  So I messaged V, one of my favorite French friends and a member of the culinary community, to share with me a proper mousse au chocolat recipe.  As expected, the ingredients are quality and minimal, and the preparation simple in steps, with an attention to technique.  For those reasons, the chocolate mousse is the ultimate reflection of the French way of cooking, dining, drinking, dressing, loving and….living.


***NOTE: I left the recipe below in the exact language and format as sent to my by V.  Her wording just adds to the charm of the dish, and puts a smile on my face every time I make the mousse***

Ingredients :

6 medium sized organic eggs
1 chocolate pastry tablet (depending how sweet you prefer the chocolaté mousse, pick bittersweet for less sugar or semisweet chocolaté for a sweeter taste)


part the eggs Yolk and the white part
Mix the white eggs until the whites become foam. (you have to whisk very fast)
melt the chocolate in « bain marie » (or just very slowly so it doesn’t get burned),
Transfer into a mixing bowl and let it cool down a few minutes, then add the eggs yolks
Add ¼ of the white egg « foam » into the chocolaté and egg yolk mix. Whisk energically. Then, add the rest of the white foam mixing very slowly from the bottom. The consistency should be very « fluffy » (don’t know if this is the right expression)
Put the préparation in individuals serving glass containers if this is how you want to serve it or leave it into your mixing bowl.
Let it cool in the refrigerator at least 3 hours

Enjoy !!!!